• ClickRoster
    ClickRoster is uniquely positioned to create optimal shift patterns and schedules throughout the entire organisation to maximise employee efficiency and overall operational readiness.
  • ClickLocate
    ClickLocate is a ClickSoftware application that optimises scheduling by capturing the location of field service engineers and/or service vehicles and integrating it with ClickSchedule.
  • ClickAnalyze
    ClickSoftware's ClickAnalyze Suite was designed specifically for service businesses, and reflects our deep understanding of your unique challenges.
  • ClickPlan
    ClickPlan is a ClickSoftware application that enables service organisations to make both long-term and short-term capacity planning decisions based on input from service demand forecasts.
  • ClickMobile
    ClickMobile enables service organisations to better manage and optimise utilisation of their resources in the field. ClickMobile gives your field resources the critical info they need at their fingertips.
  • ClickInsight
    ClickAnalyze Insight is designed to help service managers keep their organisations on course. The application gathers and presents operational performance and key performance indicator (KPI) data.
  • ClickForecast
    ClickForecast is a ClickSoftware application that enables service organisations to better predict future service demand in both the short and long terms.
  • ClickSchedule
    ClickSchedule is a ClickSoftware application designed to enable service organisations to improve efficiencies in the scheduling portion of the service chain.
  • ClickDashboard
    ClickSoftware's ClickAnalyze Suite was designed specifically for service businesses, and reflects our deep understanding of your unique challenges across all levels of the organisation.
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ClickSoftware Articles in the Media

In 2010

27 Oct 2010
Bloomberg BusinessWeek
Don't Keep Your Customers Waiting

15 Oct 2010
Call Centre Focus
Facebook Appointments Takes Heat Off Call Centres

21 Sep 2010
The Times Newspaper
21st Century Workforce - New Ways of Working ClickSoftware and Rok PLC are featured on Page 11

15 Sep 2010
Bank Leumi Optimises Staff Rotation with ClickSoftware

23 Aug 2010
5 tips for keeping your cool when heat waves strike
Heat waves are typically expected. Unfortunately, the location and timing of the resulting power outages aren’t predictable — making it impossible to know what will be needed to get the lights, air conditioners, fans and refrigerators back online. It may seem that all you can do is wait for an outage to strike. Not so. With these 5 tips, you can have the right number of workers, with the right skills, in the right places, at the right time — a surefire way to stay cool when the heat is on.

22 Jul 2010
TELUS Extends Contract for ClickSoftware Service Optimization Suite

19 July 2010
Growth Trigger Keeps Customers Happy, Transforms Prospects into Buyers
Making key customer touch points better adds significantly to the ability to grow your business.

22 June 2010
Konica Minolta Demonstrate Impressive Tangible Returns with ClickSoftware
Workforce Management improves competitive edge

11 June 2010
Is a bad economy good for customer service?
Cutbacks might seem prudent right now, but smart companies are investing in customer service during the downturn

1 May 2010
Customer Strategy Magazine
A Resolution to Fix it First Time

17 April 2010
When Home Depot and WalMart Are Your Competitors Can You Still Effectively Compete?

12 April 2010
CNN Money.com
Stop laying off customer service workers! Smart use of software can eliminate 'cable guy syndrome,' and save jobs.

4 March 2010
Computer Weekly
Lost BG contract triggers IT revamp at OnStream

29 January 2010
Utility Week
Matching demand for customer service to human resourcing

29 January 2010
Computer Weekly
Rok cracks scheduling problem

21 January 2010
Computing Magazine
Q&A: Severn Trent Water CIO Myron Hrycyk Watered down IT budget drives new technology initiatives, says utility company chief

In 2009

22 December 2009
IT Director
ClickSoftware Releases "Service Chain Optimization For Dummies"

9 December 2009
Computer Weekly
Smart meters demand smart deployment

7 December 2009
ClickSoftware Unveils Standalone Mobility Suite

11 November 2009
Staying Ahead of the Aging Field Service Work Force

21 October 2009
AMR Research
ClickSoftware Enhances Shift Scheduling With Acquisition of AiPoint

1 July 2009
Norwich Union to Streamline Field Operations with ClickSoftware

1 July 2009
Financial Times Online
Improve service by spending on efficiency

1 July 2009
Security Systems News
Apx invests in software

29 May 2009
Personnel Today
Workforce management tools: Plan of action

1 April 2009
Modern Utility Management Magazine
A Holistic View: Real-time scheduling and optimisation helps Scotia Gas Networks transform its field operations

1 April 2009
m.Logistics Magazine
How Scotia set about scheduling from scratch

1 March 2009
Integrated Solutions
The Field Service Paradox

21 January 2009
CRM Magazine
ClickSoftware Connects Field Service

In 2008

8 September 2008
Telecom Asia
Olympic Feats in Telecom

21 August 2008
Computer Weekly
Mobile workforce management technology meets Olympics challenge

15 August 2008
Information Week
Managing A Telecom Workforce

1 August 2008
Aberdeen Sector Insight
Mid-Size Firms Lag Larger Counterparts in Service Efficiency

1 June 2008
Tips for Greening Your Service

1 March 2008
Inbound Logistics Magazine
Location-Based Services Put Efficiency on the Map

1 March 2008
Electric Energy Online
Getting a charge out of service optimization

1 March 2008
Wiring the Beijing Olympics

1 February 2008
Enabling the Real-Time Service Enterprise Service optimization technology changes the dynamic.

1 February 2008
Directions Magazine
Top Five Ways Service Organizations Can Go Green

1 January 2008
Boston Business Journal
Growth, On Schedule

1 January 2008
Mobile Enterprise Magazine
How Do You Choose The Right Mobile Device For Your Workers?

1 January 2008
Wireless Week
Getting Smart SLR

In 2007

1 November 2007
Mobile Enterprise Magazine
Best Buy: Improved Routing and Scheduling Results in Increased Productivity

1 October 2007
Utility and Automation T&D
Scheduling a smart meter rollout

1 October 2007
Integrated Solutions Magazine
The Age Of The Real-Time Service Enterprise

1 August 2007
Directions Magazine
Street-level Routing: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

1 August 2007
Electric Light & Power
Balance of Power - The supply and demand of lineman minutes

25 January 2007
IT Business
Gaz Metro automates back end scheduling across mobile network

1 January 2007
Integrated Solutions Magazine
Field Force Automation Bolsters Service Techs' Efficiencies

1 January 2007
Scheduling Efficiency for Electric Utilities

In 2005

4 August 2005
CRM Magazine
Energizing Customer Relationships

29 July 2005
CIO Magazine
Walk a Virtual Mile in the Dispatcher's Shoes

29 June 2005
CRM Today
When Do You Allow Computers to Make Decisions for You?

27 April 2005
Network World
Teaching Users that Change is Not Always Bad

23 April 2005
Customer Interaction Solutions
Of Jackpots And Jugglers, Making Service Optimization Work For You

5 April 2005
Directions Magazine
Field Service Management - Where Logistics Meets Location Technology

13 December 2004
CRM Magazine
The Six Most Overlooked Customer Touch Points

10 December 2003
Industry Week
Service And Maintenance Software Clicks

29 April 2003
Real Market Today - Expert Corner
Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

19 March 2003
Directions Magazine
BC Hydro Integrates ERP solutions with GIS