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Speedy Service Key to Tracker's Focus on Customer Service in South Africa

South Africa's Leading Vehicle Tracking Company Turns to ClickSoftware for Real-time Schedule Optimisation and Mobile Access for Installation Technicians; Will Increase Jobs Completed Per Day.

ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. (NasdaqGS: CKSW), the leading provider of automated mobile workforce management and optimisation solutions for the service industry, today announced that Tracker Connect (Pty) Limited, South Africa's leading vehicle tracking and recovery company with over 800,000 subscribers, has selected ClickSoftware to improve scheduling for the hundreds of installation technicians located throughout the country.

The new solution, which will be implemented by ClickSoftware partner About Time Software, will be used to improve the customer experience for both new subscribers, who need to have a tracking device fitted to vehicles, as well as existing customers who require service calls.  ClickSoftware will improve the efficiency of installation technicians by:

  • Optimising appointment schedules
  • Reducing "no show" appointments
  • Cutting travel time between appointments

ClickSoftware's scalability and ability to share real-time information between call centers and technicians was central to its selection by Tracker Connect.

Tracker previously used an in-house solution to support its technicians, but with the success and growth of the company, needed a new solution that could scale to meet its needs now and into the future. Given the customer-centric focus of the business, it is key that Tracker handle installations with minimal lead time. The company expects ClickSoftware will be crucial to providing technicians with the tools to help them complete installations with greater efficiency, giving customers peace of mind as quickly as possible.

The ClickSoftware implementation will be tightly integrated with the Tracker Connect CRM solution, bridging the gap between technicians and customers seamlessly.  A number of solutions were reviewed before selecting ClickSoftware, which Tracker Connect believes offers the best ROI and features to support the future of the company, in what is a fiercely competitive market.

Retaining the company's position as the leader in the market is a key business driver for Tracker, therefore investing in technology that continually improves the customer experience is a top priority. The company looks to the combination of ClickSoftware's scheduling and analysis tools to deliver on these goals.

ClickSoftware's suite of Mobile Workforce Management solutions enables service organisation executives to define the balance between customer satisfaction, productivity goals, field resource satisfaction, and revenue considerations.  It continually optimises the schedule throughout the day to ensure that all jobs and resources are optimally matched, even with changing specific service demands during the day.  ClickSoftware automatically creates the most satisfying schedule, while providing dispatchers the necessary tools to support the unexpected events that are typical for any service organisation.

"We are excited to expand our operations in South Africa. As companies in that country grow it becomes harder to maintain processes in the field and scale operations in a way that meets all business goals," said Hannan Carmeli, Co-CEO at ClickSoftware.  "We understand that challenge, and through our combined business and technical expertise, and that of our partners, can provide a growing enterprise with the ability to meet real-time customer demands while showing real and measurable improvements in areas such as field productivity."