• ClickRoster
    ClickRoster is uniquely positioned to create optimal shift patterns and schedules throughout the entire organisation to maximise employee efficiency and overall operational readiness.
  • ClickLocate
    ClickLocate is a ClickSoftware application that optimises scheduling by capturing the location of field service engineers and/or service vehicles and integrating it with ClickSchedule.
  • ClickAnalyze
    ClickSoftware's ClickAnalyze Suite was designed specifically for service businesses, and reflects our deep understanding of your unique challenges.
  • ClickPlan
    ClickPlan is a ClickSoftware application that enables service organisations to make both long-term and short-term capacity planning decisions based on input from service demand forecasts.
  • ClickMobile
    ClickMobile enables service organisations to better manage and optimise utilisation of their resources in the field. ClickMobile gives your field resources the critical info they need at their fingertips.
  • ClickInsight
    ClickAnalyze Insight is designed to help service managers keep their organisations on course. The application gathers and presents operational performance and key performance indicator (KPI) data.
  • ClickForecast
    ClickForecast is a ClickSoftware application that enables service organisations to better predict future service demand in both the short and long terms.
  • ClickSchedule
    ClickSchedule is a ClickSoftware application designed to enable service organisations to improve efficiencies in the scheduling portion of the service chain.
  • ClickDashboard
    ClickSoftware's ClickAnalyze Suite was designed specifically for service businesses, and reflects our deep understanding of your unique challenges across all levels of the organisation.
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ClickForecast starts with historical data, which can come directly from ClickSoftware's ClickAnalyze product, using this information as a base for the forecast. From there, it facilitates forecast tuning, enabling forecasters to enter into the system numerous assumptions regarding possible future events and how to incorporate these into the forecast.

By allowing forecasters to include input from across the organisation into one forecast, ClickForecast helps:

  • Ensure that the effects of sales promotions, new product announcements, strategic organisational decisions, and other business events are reflected in the resulting forecast
  • Provide a mechanism for forecasters to communicate forecast assumptions across the organisation, explaining them, and receiving feedback on them from relevant parties involved
  • Build and maintain business knowledge about the impacts of various business events on the expected demand

As a result, forecasts become increasingly accurate.

By being part of the ServiceOptimisation Suite, ClickForecast takes historical data from ClickAnalyse to build its initial forecasts and these into ClickPlan for use with resource capacity planning, and into ClickRoster for shift planning uses.

ClickForecast Features and Benefits

ClickForecast, a product developed specifically for the service industry, takes the guesswork out of demand forecasting.


  • Automatic demand forecasting for any combination of territories and job types
  • Historical analysis to identify and record unusual "peaks and valleys" for later use
  • Ability to manage what-if scenarios
  • Ability to manipulate forecasts to take into account specific business events
  • Dedicated algorithms for the service industry
  • Support for all forecasting levels, from the high-level overview to the very detailed
  • Graphical presentation of history and forecast
  • Full integration with ClickAnalyze, ClickPlan and the ServiceOptimization Suite
  • Ability to forecast any factor
  • Multilingual support


  • Reliable forecasting leads to more effective resource capacity planning, which ultimately leads to more efficient scheduling
  • Repository for forecast-related information from across many business units
  • Build and maintain business knowledge regarding the impact of various business events on field service demand
  • Control cost and manage budgets more accurately
  • Ability to accurately recruit the right number of people
  • Ability to make investment decisions on when to use contractors