• ClickRoster
    ClickRoster is uniquely positioned to create optimal shift patterns and schedules throughout the entire organisation to maximise employee efficiency and overall operational readiness.
  • ClickLocate
    ClickLocate is a ClickSoftware application that optimises scheduling by capturing the location of field service engineers and/or service vehicles and integrating it with ClickSchedule.
  • ClickAnalyze
    ClickSoftware's ClickAnalyze Suite was designed specifically for service businesses, and reflects our deep understanding of your unique challenges.
  • ClickPlan
    ClickPlan is a ClickSoftware application that enables service organisations to make both long-term and short-term capacity planning decisions based on input from service demand forecasts.
  • ClickMobile
    ClickMobile enables service organisations to better manage and optimise utilisation of their resources in the field. ClickMobile gives your field resources the critical info they need at their fingertips.
  • ClickInsight
    ClickAnalyze Insight is designed to help service managers keep their organisations on course. The application gathers and presents operational performance and key performance indicator (KPI) data.
  • ClickForecast
    ClickForecast is a ClickSoftware application that enables service organisations to better predict future service demand in both the short and long terms.
  • ClickSchedule
    ClickSchedule is a ClickSoftware application designed to enable service organisations to improve efficiencies in the scheduling portion of the service chain.
  • ClickDashboard
    ClickSoftware's ClickAnalyze Suite was designed specifically for service businesses, and reflects our deep understanding of your unique challenges across all levels of the organisation.
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ClickSchedule is specifically designed for the field service industry. It enables service organisation executives to define the balance between the conflicting forces of service operations efficiencies, customer satisfaction, field resource satisfaction and revenue considerations.

ClickSchedule supports different business processes which often start with resource capacity planning and/or shift planning. These processes are supported by ClickPlan and ClickRoster  accordingly. ClickSchedule:

  • Continually optimises the schedule throughout the day to ensure that all jobs and resources are optimally matched, even with changing specific service demands during the day
  • Provides an automatic scheduling service that creates the most satisfying schedule, while providing the dispatcher the necessary tools to support the unexpected events that are typical for any service organisation

By being part of the ServiceOptimization Suite, ClickSchedule takes resource capacity and shift plans from ClickPlan and ClickRoster, and feeds schedule information to ClickMobile and ClickAnalyze.

"ClickSchedule automates and simplifies the scheduling process so we ensure our field agents are as productive as possible, whether troubleshooting computer problems or delivering home theaters or appliances. ClickSchedule has the capacity to grow with us, playing an indispensable role in our long-term strategy." – Best Buy

"ClickSchedule scored way above its competitors for dealing with emergency situations. It was also a system that we could trust and grow with the business to improve customer service, increase sales and reduce costs. An added bonus was its capability to exploit and integrate with some of the latest technologies like real-time GPS; this demonstrated to us that it was a system for the future." - Scotia Gas Networks

ClickSchedule Features

  • Automatic scheduling of the right resource at the right time, based on skills and relative proficiency, service level agreements, drive time, availability, and other business-oriented factors
  • Street-level route optimisation (based on detailed street maps) that minimises travel time and related costs
  • The ability to combine, in a single environment, a schedule that includes anything from simple short tasks to multi-day, multi-staged jobs that require multiple resources
  • Support of different types of resources: internal resources, contractors, crews, etc
  • Intelligent appointment booking that lets you offer online customers reliable and cost-effective appointment windows which combine the customer preferences as well as the service organisation's preferences
  • Ability to override automatic scheduling decisions as needed
  • The flexibility to let customers schedule service appointments over the web or through the call center
  • Integration with mobile devices for real-time monitoring of actual schedules with "jeopardy" and "delay" alerts via ClickSoftware's Mobility Suite which is fully integrated to our ServiceOptimization Suite
  • Automatic, optimised rescheduling in response to unexpected urgent calls; cancellations; or interruptions due to traffic delays, weather conditions, etc.
  • Open architecture, completely configurable to your needs
  • High scalability allowing processing of thousands of calls per hour and response time within seconds, to meet the needs of your business today and to support the future growth of the service organisation
  • Easy integration with practically any front- or back-office system via standard adaptors to the leading ERP/CRM products and our standard integration capabilities such as Web services and Service Oriented Architecture
  • Support for location-based services
  • Multilingual support: from manual scheduling processes to fully automatic processes - ClickSchedule enables the service organisation the whole spectrum of choices, according to the service organisation's business goals and maturity
"ClickSchedule gives us a single point of reference for scheduling operations. Before, the information was disjointed, and we didn't have a good frame of reference for making scheduling decisions. We now have one repository that lets us schedule jobs in order of importance. Since deploying ClickSchedule [in 2007], we've experienced improvements in workforce productivity and efficiency." – ETSA
"Our scheduling requirements are extremely complex with many thousands of individuals providing services to major power plants around the world. Customers are at the core of what we do and ClickSchedule helps us efficiently manage the resources necessary to serve our customers well." – Siemens Energy

ClickSchedule Benefits

Improve overall control and visibility

  • Benefit from accurate organisation-wide visibility of workload and availability
  • Apply consistent scheduling policies throughout the organisation
  • Centralise scheduling and dispatching operations

Reduce costs

  • Decrease time spent on scheduling, allowing the dispatcher to focus mainly on handling exceptions and minimise late arrivals
  • Improve field resource productivity
  • Reduce mileage
  • Reduce overtime
  • Make optimal use of subcontractors
  • Eliminate penalties due to missed service-level agreements

Increase revenues

  • Service more customers every week
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Get the job done on time, the first time, every time
  • Promise reliable, narrow appointment-time windows
  • Improve customer satisfaction due to improved service throughout the service lifecycle
  • Resource satisfaction: provide better working tools for the dispatcher to make their lives easier, while providing a comprehensive and effortless user interface. ClickSchedule also makes the life of the field engineer better by providing a more humanised schedule, with less travel that adheres to service organisation policy