• ClickRoster
    ClickRoster is uniquely positioned to create optimal shift patterns and schedules throughout the entire organisation to maximise employee efficiency and overall operational readiness.
  • ClickLocate
    ClickLocate is a ClickSoftware application that optimises scheduling by capturing the location of field service engineers and/or service vehicles and integrating it with ClickSchedule.
  • ClickAnalyze
    ClickSoftware's ClickAnalyze Suite was designed specifically for service businesses, and reflects our deep understanding of your unique challenges.
  • ClickPlan
    ClickPlan is a ClickSoftware application that enables service organisations to make both long-term and short-term capacity planning decisions based on input from service demand forecasts.
  • ClickMobile
    ClickMobile enables service organisations to better manage and optimise utilisation of their resources in the field. ClickMobile gives your field resources the critical info they need at their fingertips.
  • ClickInsight
    ClickAnalyze Insight is designed to help service managers keep their organisations on course. The application gathers and presents operational performance and key performance indicator (KPI) data.
  • ClickForecast
    ClickForecast is a ClickSoftware application that enables service organisations to better predict future service demand in both the short and long terms.
  • ClickSchedule
    ClickSchedule is a ClickSoftware application designed to enable service organisations to improve efficiencies in the scheduling portion of the service chain.
  • ClickDashboard
    ClickSoftware's ClickAnalyze Suite was designed specifically for service businesses, and reflects our deep understanding of your unique challenges across all levels of the organisation.
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Optimised Scheduling

For any business that is in the field service industry it’s imperative to address the needs of clients with minimal fuss and effort in a timely manner. Therefore delivery of solutions should preferably be affected with quick turnaround times. It is crucial as to how a client’s query is dealt with from initial client support request via customer support.

About Time powered by ClickSoftware manage intelligent appointment scheduling that features:

  • Guaranteed delivery of promises to clients in collaboration with service operations
  • Daily optimised scheduling for current service delivery queues in order to address previous planned schedules
  • Balance unexpected scenarios and advices alternative scenarios to accommodate current state of affairs while still maintaining the most favourable quality assistance of queries
  • High priority tasks receive preference for execution – effectively rescheduling lower priority tasks in order to finalise workflow processes more efficiently

Even though CRM and ERP are invaluable tools, it is predominantly utilised for data manipulation and cannot facilitate in scheduling assignments that will benefit the client. Companies that specialise in service delivery must enhance their alternatives using schedule optimisation software that concurrently evaluates strategic and operational restrictions when scheduling resource tasks. This affords companies the option to assign the most appropriate resources and the precise apparatus to any given task.

About Time manage the entire workflow process from initial conception to final deployment, therefore effectively overseeing client problems on the day of service -- untimely deploying a more efficient field service team with correct data onsite and with more useable data analytics that can be utilised for future business forecasting.

The ClickSoftware solution offered by About Time can be accessed by an intuitive web interface that’s based on sophisticated technology. Our innovative applications support various types of users that include dispatchers, field supervisors and contractor dispatchers that can remotely access strategic functionality.